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How does Viagra work?
In order to understand how Viagra pills work when you take them, it is important to understand the mechanisms behind an erection. When a man without potency problems gets an erection, it happens by the body releasing specific blood vessel dilating substances by sexual stimulation. These substances are called cGMP and can be broken down by the substance PDE5. Viagra works precisely by inhibiting PDE5, thereby increasing the number of cGMP in the penis - the more cGMP the greater the blood flow in the penis, resulting in a harder erection.

How a rise arises

A man's body produces 11 different types of PDE, where PDE5 is primarily located in the penis. Pfizer was the first to produce a so-called selective drug with an effect that exclusively blocks PDE5. The drug, in turn, blocks none of the other PDEs, which is precisely why the potency agent has become such a huge success for Pfizer.

Effect for approx. 4 hours
Viagra pills are absorbed very quickly in the body, and have a minimal effect on heart rate and blood pressure. The drug is an oral potency pill. A pill should be taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before desired intercourse, and the active substance in Viagra, Sildenafil will generally have an effect for up to 4 hours. Within this period, you can achieve and maintain an erection that is sufficient to be able to have intercourse with your partner.

Helps to achieve and maintain erection
An erection occurs when the blood supply to the penis increases by about 20 times in the so-called swelling bodies when a man is sexually aroused. In these situations, the brain sends messages via nerve impulses to the smooth muscle cells of the penis. The smooth muscle cells sit around the blood vessels, and when they relax, the blood supply to the swelling bodies increases automatically. The outflow of blood is then stopped because the increased pressure squeezes the blood vessels that send the blood on to the body, all of which results in the stiffness of the penis increasing and it being kept hard.

Impotence occurs when the aforementioned blood circulation in the penis is not optimal, because it is this blood circulation that creates the entire erection, and it is right here that potency-enhancing pills like Viagra can help. The potency game temporarily inhibits the substance in the body that affects the blood supply in most men with erection problems. In older men, it is quite natural for a degeneration of the blood vessels to occur and this is a very frequent cause of impotence. Blood circulation often deteriorates with age due to factors such as atherosclerosis, and this is what affects many men. Sildenafil works by increasing the blood supply so that an erection can be achieved again.

Before you start on Viagra Sildenafil, however, it is important to find out whether the erection problem is physical or mental. Being potent is often associated with self-confidence and status, which is why many men may experience lack of erection as shameful. This in itself can lead to presentation anxiety, which makes an erection difficult. Sildenafil works effectively against almost all potency problems, but due to your erection problems mental problems, we naturally recommend that you get these processed in another way.

How are Viagra pills taken?
The active substance Sildenafil works against impotence and acts as a temporary solution. It is an obvious option for you who are in the situation where you have problems achieving sufficient erection to be able to have intercourse.

Chemical Structure of Sildenafil
Take Viagra with a glass of water 30min before intercourse.
The pill only works if you are sexually aroused.
The pill works for up to 4 hours.
For health reasons, you should not take more than one pill within 24 hours.
Best-selling potency game in Canada
Viagra is widely used in the Canadian population. The latest figures from the Statens Serum Institut show that Viagra daily helps thousands of men of all ages to a better sex life. But how is consumption distributed in relation to the individual age groups?

Below you can see how many men in your age group use Viagra:

As shown in the table, Viagra is used by all age groups. The age group 40-64 years is the most dominant. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, this age group is the largest number group used by the analysis unit at Medstat. It thus covers over 25 years of life. The other groups are significantly smaller. But there is also a purely physical reason why some groups use Viagra more than others.

As we get older, many men will find that the blood flow to the penis deteriorates. When this happens, it is difficult to get an erection, and should it succeed, it will be more difficult to maintain the erection. For some, the deterioration of blood flow occurs early in life, while the majority experience a deterioration when they reach their 40s. But it is not uncommon to be in your early 20s and need an erectile-enhancing potency.

As the official figures show, there are thousands who need potency players early in life. Fortunately, today there is so much knowledge in the field that doctors can make relatively reliable assessments of whether one is suitable for erectile dysfunction pills. This knowledge is not least beneficial for the age group 80+. The older we get, the more medication of varying degrees, we need on average, e.g. cholesterol or blood pressure lowering medications, and it is not always possible to use potency pills with one's normal medications.

Viagra 25 mg, 50 mg eller 100 mg dosis
When you take a Viagra pill, then of course you want to get the optimal effect out of the potency agent, and to get this, the recommendation is to take the pill along with a little water about an hour before you want the effect to be clear, and you must have intercourse with your partner. Also be aware that if you take alcohol or eat fatty foods just before or at the same time as you take the potency, you may risk dimming or perhaps delaying the effect. Therefore, it is most optimal to take the potency agent on an empty stomach.

Viagra - dosis
The potency-enhancing pills come in three different doses - 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The doses refer to the amount of the active substance Sildenafil, which is what makes the pills give a longer and harder erection.

When choosing which dose is best for you, it is important that you consider your needs as well as your health carefully and do not just jump into the 100 mg version because "you want to be on the safe side".

Most men start taking Viagra 50 mg as it is the middle dose. Based on this, it is relatively easy to assess whether there is a need to adjust up or down in relation to effect and any side effects.

Viagra 25 mg - den laveste dosis
Here you get the lowest dose of Sildenafil that Pfizer produces. This low dose is best suited for men who have tried higher doses but who have experienced side effects.

Benefits of Viagra 25 mg:

Suitable for men taking alpha-blockers
Slender men whose general physique may not be able to hijack large doses.
Viagra 25 mg may be a good place to start if you are new to the potency drug market.
Any side effects will not be as severe with this low dose.
Clinical trials have been shown to be effective in 63% of the men in the trial group
Viagra 50 mg - the middle dose
As mentioned, the potency pills of 50 mg are the dose that most men start out with. 50 mg is the most common dose, and it is usually the one that doctors recommend. For the vast majority of men, 50 mg is abundant to achieve the desired erection.

Benefits of Viagra 50 mg:

The most common dose is suitable for most men.
Clinical trials have shown that 74% of the men in the experimental group experienced a positive effect of 50 mg.
Viagra 100 mg - the highest dose
100 mg is the highest dose of Sildenafil developed by Pfizer, and it is typically this dose that is used with severe erection problems. As a higher dose also carries an increased risk of side effects, one should therefore always start with a lower dose. If it does not give the desired effect, you can then increase the dose.

Benefits of Viagra 100 mg:

Used for men with severe erection problems.
Clinical trials have shown that 85% of the men in the trial group experienced a positive effect.
What do Viagra pills look like?
What does Viagra look like
Pfizer's Viagra tablets are small, blue, film-coated tablets - or what you might also call a blister pack. The packaging is similar to the one you typically know from other over-the-counter or prescription medicines that you buy at the pharmacy in Canada.

The shape of the blue tablets themselves is what is mathematically called a diamond.

The packages with the film-coated tablets come in either 4, 8, 12 or up to 32 pieces. depending on how many you want to buy and how many you get a prescription for. Each pill contains either 25, 50 or 100 mg depending on the dose of the medicine you buy. The strength depends on your needs and what the doctor assesses. The dose can, for example, be determined on the basis of the degree of erectile dysfunction or milder erection problems, as well as whether you have other health factors that need to be taken into account.

How many pieces. you buy at a time, you can in turn decide for yourself, as long as our doctor approves your online consultation. As a side note, the price per tablet will drop the more you buy at a time.

Reservations for ingestion
There are a number of precautions you should be aware of before taking Viagra. Therefore, a consultation with a doctor is important before taking Viagra for the first time. Whether you are taking herbal remedies, prescription or over-the-counter medications, they can affect the effects of Viagra. Therefore, you should always state these in your consultation with a doctor.

alcohol    Mad
Alcohol and ViagraAlcohol can be taken with Viagra, but it can diminish the effect.

Food and ViagraEating large and fatty meals can delay the effects of Viagra.

Drive a car    Women
Driving and ViagraViagra can make you drowsy, so it is not recommended that you drive if you have taken Viagra.

Women and ViagraWomen should never use Viagra as the drug is only approved for men.

Possibly. side effects of viagra
When starting treatment with Viagra to solve your erection problems, it is important that you are aware that the pills in some cases can cause side effects. Below is information on the side effects and other relevant information.

Of the most common side effects that can occur with Viagra, none are serious and they will usually go away on their own when you no longer have the drug in your body, ie. after about 4 hours.

Some people may experience these side effects the first few times they take Viagra, but in most cases, they will go away after a few times as the body gets used to the drug.

The following side effects are the most common ones that can occur:

Common side effects
The blush    Headache    Dizziness
Digestive problems    Visual disturbances    Blocked nose
Quite a few users of Viagra will experience side effects such as:

Uncommon side effects
Chest and muscle pain    Heart attack    Fatigue
Nosebleeds    High fever    Dry mouth
Should you experience the above or something completely different, contact your doctor immediately. Therefore, read the package leaflet carefully before taking Viagra.

Your own GP
As a rule, we always recommend that you see your own general practitioner to determine that your impotence symptoms e.g. not due to an undetected, serious illness. However, a prescription from your own doctor is not required before you can order at We have a number of doctors attached, and our service includes an online consultation, which is reviewed by a doctor.

Viagra without prescription or over-the-counter?
Viagra is a prescription drug and therefore it is not available over the counter . The active substance Sildenafil , like other medicines on prescription, can cause side effects, which is why it is always a good idea to consult your own doctor before starting your treatment.

The potency drug Viagra from Pfizer is a commonly used treatment for men who suffer from impotence problems. It is a common type of treatment in Canada as well as abroad.

Genuine Viagra versus generic
For a long time, Pfizer's Viagra has been the only approved potency drug on the market. But after their patent expired, a large number of different generic versions of the impotence treatment have been added. However, Viagra is still the world's most popular potency game and appreciated by millions of men worldwide because Viagra is:

Efficient, fast and long lasting effect
3 different doses to suit different needs.
Been on the market since 1998.
Viagra online is only safe with prescription included
However, one must be careful if one buys Viagra online. If you search for the potency agent on Google, you will quickly see a very large selection of sites that sell the pills. Unfortunately, some sites do not sell the real thing and therefore it can be dangerous to take the pills due to unknown content. A good rule of thumb when buying potency pills online is that these pills are always prescription only and therefore not legal to sell without a prescription. If you find a site that offers Viagra without a prescription, you should therefore be very careful about buying from there.

Get the prescription at ooonlinecanadahealth
At ooonlinecanadahealth you have the opportunity to receive Pfizer's Viagra pills without a prescription from your own doctor for treatment for impotence. You will instead conduct an online consultation on this page and then one of our doctors will assess whether you are suitable for the treatment. If you are suitable, the doctor will prescribe a prescription to our affiliated pharmacy, which can then send the medicine to your desired delivery address. With our service, you avoid having to talk to your doctor face to face about painful topics such as lack of potency and sexual frustrations. And at the same time you save time by having to visit a doctor and subsequently take the trip down to the pharmacy.

Buy Viagra Online - FAQ
Why is it possible to buy the prescription drug Viagra online?
You can buy Viagra online if our online doctors assess, based on your medical information, that you are suitable for the medicine. These questions are similar to those you would still have to answer if you went to your own doctor. Based on your answers to the questions, our doctor will determine if you are suitable for the medicine and if it is the right treatment for you. Once the prescription has been printed, it is sent directly to our pharmacy, which sends the medicine home to you. As with your own doctor, it is only possible to buy Viagra online if the medicine has been prescribed by a doctor.

Why is it not possible to buy Viagra without a prescription?
The potency game Viagra belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors. The substances in this group require a prescription in Canada. Thus, it is not possible to buy the drug Viagra without a prescription or over-the-counter.

The active ingredient Sildendafil in Viagra has potential side effects. Although the drug is generally considered safe to take, side effects can occur. Side effects can occur if Viagra is taken along with specific medications, specific diseases or health conditions. It is therefore necessary for a doctor to assess your health condition before prescribing Viagra.

If you order Viagra online without a doctor having assessed your health condition, this could endanger your health. In addition, you will most likely not receive original or tested medications, and these medications can be extremely dangerous to ingest, especially if you suffer from diabetes or have heart problems. This is because one does not know exactly the content of these products and therefore does not know the exact effects and side effects in the body.

Is It Safe To Buy Viagra At ooonlinecanadahealth?
We guarantee that our doctors only prescribe Viagra to patients where it is both safe and the medicine is suitable. In order for the doctor to comply with this, you must complete an online consultation, just as you would have to fill in with your own doctor. It is important that you answer the questions as accurately as possible. If our doctor considers that you are not suitable for the medicine, the prescription will not be prescribed.

All our doctors are registered with the Independent Health Commission in England, the Care Quality Commission. At the same time, all our doctors are certified by the English health authorities GMC (General Medical Council).

If you have been approved by one of our doctors, and thus have been prescribed a prescription for Viagra, we guarantee that you will receive the original drug Viagra from the manufacturer Pfizer. Viagra, and the active substance Sildenafil, are approved by the Canadian health authorities, the Canadian Medicines Agency. Viagra is also approved by the English Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Due to the above approvals, Viagra can be sold in Canada if a prescription has been issued.

Can I Get Government Grants To Buy Viagra Pills?
As a starting point, you cannot receive a subsidy for a potency player in Canada. However, there are a number of exceptions. The public hospital system can provide subsidies for potency players if the erection problems are due to, for example, diabetes or other chronic diseases.

How is the medicine delivered when I buy Viagra?
You will receive Viagra within 24 hours if you choose UPS. UPS sends to your home address, work or third place. However, UPS does not deliver to Pakkeboks (this is exclusively a PostNord service). However, you have the option of choosing PostNord and having it delivered to a parcel box if you wish. Both delivery with UPS and PostNord are included in the price.

How can I pay for Viagra when I buy Viagra at ooonlinecanadahealth?
If you buy Viagra as a treatment for erection problems at ooonlinecanadahealth, you can pay with debit cards (Visa, Dankort, and MasterCard) or giro cards (Klarna). The most commonly used payment method is debit cards. Klarna giro card allows you to pay after you have received the item. With Klarna partial payment, you can pay for up to 24 months after you have received the item. ooonlinecanadahealth offers the payment that suits you exactly when you buy Viagra online.

How do I know I bought the original Viagra?
We can guarantee that we only sell original Viagra from the manufacturer Pfizer. To check this, you can check that the batch number on the packaging is from the manufacturer Pfizer. If you are unsure whether you have purchased original Viagra, you can always contact us.

Is my data secure when I buy Viagra online?
If you order Viagra from ooonlinecanadahealth, we guarantee full protection of all your personal and medical information as well as all payment information. All data is SSL encrypted when sent to us and will never be transferred to a third party without your consent.

Do you have more questions before buying Viagra online?
If you have further questions, you can contact our customer service every weekday between 9-18 via live chat, phone or email.

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